Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spanish Christmas

 Christmas in Spain is celebrated with many differences. Being a Catholic nation, the Birth of Christ is the center of the holiday. Rather than exchange gifts on Christmas, the Spanish wait twelve days and then open presents on January 6th.

 Rather than receiving gifts from Saint Nicholas, the Spanish children are given their gifts by the three Wisemen. The Spanish Nativity displays show at least one of the Wisemen as an African, which represents the diverse origins of these kings.
In Spain, and especially in Barcelona, each nativity display includes a "pooper." The Spanish enjoy potty humor a great deal more than Americans often do. Of course, the subject of relieving oneself is far less taboo in Europe.

Next I will discuss artists, especially those who are known for their more insane works of art. (Gaudi, Picasso, and Miro)

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