Thursday, January 26, 2012


Dancing is an art form, a way to meet new people, and one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise. It is a spectacular rhythm of movement set to music and the expression of every dancer's soul.

During my first week here in Barcelona, Rana and O took me to a Flamenco show. The flurry of skirts, stamping of feet, and fluid music were incredible to behold. It was a mix of the senses. As the dancers swirled across the stage, dramatic music seeming to illustrate the importance of every step, it was as if sorcery was taking over the theatre. One dancer had a dress train that was as long as she was tall, but it seldom touched the floor as she twisted and pulled it like an elegant whip. The dancers went on for what seemed like an eternity, and yet no time at all, of beautiful movements. Along with the music came a most terrifying song from the voices of the performers. They sang like sirens. A disturbing scream with such beauty you cannot help but hang on every note. I did not understand a word of their songs, but the emotion in the singers' voices explained all that I did not understand. It was a night to remember.

Last week I took the chance at attending a dance club. The particular one I went to was a Salsa club. Last year, I took a Salsa dance class, just for fun and exercise. Being able to dance in a room full of strangers is a great deal of fun. Most dance clubs with a specific dance style begin the evening with lessons for different levels of dancers. Then, around midnight, the real dancing begins. The greatest thing about Salsa is that anyone with two feet can do it. It is incredibly simple, has many forms, and with a partner who knows what he is doing, it is like soaring over clouds. I danced, sometimes with one of the girls I went with and sometimes with a gentleman who asked me, and felt my energy come alive. I always wear high heeled shoes when dancing. The amazing thing is, my feet only hurt if I am standing still. I believe there is a fairytale about a girl who could not stop dancing because of her shoes... But I digress.
After an hour or so, the random couples dappled across the dance floor turned into circles of dancers as a mic weilding DJ announced steps and partner changes to do. This went on for several songs and many brilliant line dance moves. Then the crowd dispersed back into chaos as dancers went their own ways once more.

Dancing is not something that requires complete passion, but is well worth a few hours a week. My Salsa instructor would say "It is good for the spirit and body." And it is true. There is nothing more incredible than the feeling of dancing for hours upon hours, not a care in the world but who your next partner will be.

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