Wednesday, April 25, 2012


These next few posts are a bit behind. These are my adventures during Semana Santa, the Easter Holiday. I spent the greater part in Italy, starting with the water-bound city of Venice.

Venice was like a dream. It is the kind of city that one sees in science fiction, especially of the steam-punk genre. There are no cars or other street vehicles in the tiny island city. The only transportation used are the boats, including water buses, that splash through the canals.

It is a city of bridges, cobblestone streets, and shopping. The eats are good, as long as you stick to the main island.The people are jovial and laid back.

The clocktower in Venice not only tells time, but also 

The island Murano, located just a water bus away from Venice, is known for its blown glass and glass museum. It is well worth the trip over just to look at the beautiful pieces on display in the shops and in the museum. However, if you want to buy some, it is cheaper on the main island.

 All of the glass is made on the island, and there are many shops that let you see the glass-makers at work.

Burano, another island closely located to Venice, is known for its hand crafted lace. It is also known for the artists who once lived on it, and the bright colors they painted their houses.

 It should be no secret that I want to live on this island. Not for a long time, but at least for one month in my life would be nice.

Just as with the glass, many of the lace shops had weavers working where visitors could see.

My favorite part about these islands is the isolation from the rest of Italy and Europe. The internet, while free to the public, can only be used in public locations, such as the park and water bus stops. This further isolated us during our short stay there. I went an entire three days without even checking my facebook or email. There is nothing more relaxing than being disconnected from the world.

 Rather than having trash cans, the Venicians put their trash bags directly on the street, to be picked up every morning by sanitary workers. Recycling takes place two or three times a week, on specific days.
This fruit stand, filled with tasty greens and so on, is a boat! We bought some vegetables here, adoring the uniqueness of such a novelty. Only in Venice.

It is a beautiful place, and very much worth a trip to. If you are visiting Europe and only have time for a few places, put this one in your top three! You need about two days to see it all, but if you've got more time and want a good place to just relax in, this is my top recommendation of the places I have seen.

(Next up: Rome)

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  1. Do the canals in Venice smell as bad as the ones in Holland?